Food Grade Bags: Specification

• It is made from only high quality virgin material.
• An additive which is recommended by the buyer can be used.
• Plain Bread bags can be made and packed in the boxes.
• They are generally packed in a dispenser boxes.
• Ranges from 15 to 40 microns
Butcher Sheets

• Polypropylene butcher sheets ranging from 8 to 40 microns.
• Produced from food grade
PP Sheets & Food Grade Bags
Fresh produce bags and knot bags ( T-shirts bags on roll)

• Blocked or on roll.
• Thickness ranging from 8 microns and above.
Polypropylene Bags ( Ready to use sizes)

• Plain and printed bags for applications ranging from garments to utility products like Compact Disks and 
• Re-sealable bags.
• "Crystal" - 1 kilogram ready to use sizes - bottom weld.
Carrier Bags

• High Density and Low Density Polyethylene carrier bags.
• Available with patch handle, loop-handle and moulded handles.
• Process print upto 12 colours.
Specifications Shopping bags on roll

• It can be made from both virgin and recycled material.
• Thickness from 16 to 45 microns.
• They are available in Draw-string bags-on-roll; Star-Sealed and C- fold.
T-Shirt Shopping Bags

• It is made by virgin Polymers.
• It is used to carry the shopping goods.
• The bags can be printed (up to six colors) as bespoken.
• It generally ranges from 8 to 60 microns.

Vest Type Carrier Bags

• High Density Polyethylene bags available in any size, micron and colour.
• Dotted embossed or plain bags.
• Printing upto 12 colours.
HDPE Shopping Bags (Flat & On Roll)
Garbage Bags

• Garbage bags can be made out of virgin or recyclable plastic.
• Sacs can be produced flat or on rolls.
• Various colours from black to blue to yellow.
• Customized packing like caton packing or carrier type packing.
Refuse Sacks

• Black Garbage Bags.
• It is made from recycled material.
• It is used by the catering, cleaning industry as well as by public institutions like councils and universities.
• It ranges from 20 to 70 microns.


Flush-top Garbage bags
Co Extruded rubble Sacks
Rubble Sack Specs:

•It is made from the recycled Polymers.
•It is used in the construction to carry debris and rubble.
•It generally ranges from 55 to 140 microns.
•The sacks can be co-extruded (two colors) to give them better strength.

Garden Sacks
Freezer Bags
Scented Bags
Clear Sacks:

•It is made from a special blend of virgin and recycled material.
•Generally used in the hotel and catering industries.
•It is available in both loose packed and bags on-roll.
•Generally ranges from 20 to 80 microns.
•It can be co-extruded for better strength
Colored Sacks

• It is made from a blend of recycled, virgin & colored master batch
• It is used by the superstores for their in-house waste.
• It generally ranges from 25 to 50 microns.
Used to pack cement, fertilizer, food grain & seeds, sugar chemicals,
Bale covers geo-textile. 

• Width  from 16" to 48"
• Mesh : from 8 X 8 to 13 X 13
• Denier : from 700 up to 1200 length : as per requirement
• Top: hemmed/ heat cut/ valve/ zig-zag cut.
• Bottom : single fold single stitch
•                 single fold double stitch
•                 double fold double stitch
•                 double fold single stitch printing : 4 colors
• Lamination : PP ON PP, LDPE ON : HDPE
• Color: as per customer requirement.
• Uv : as per requirement
Garbage Bags
PP & HDPE Woven Bags
Flexible intermediate bulk containers, also known as bulk bags or big bags are cost effective container solutions made up of a flexible fabric.

Jumbo Bags / FIBC

Finished Goods