Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC)
  Grade Name K-Value Application Downloads
  SG660 65-67 Agricultural application, Footwear, sheet, clear sheet, house, stretch wrap, fabrics, piping, toys, film, plugs, wire cable applications, flooring and profiles. Data Sheet
  SF580 57-59 Fittings, floorings, handles, microfoamed sheet & profiles. Data Sheet
  S65D 65.7-67.1 Ridged pipes & shrink films.  
  SP660 65-67 Rigid pipe, Door & Window Frames, Edge Band, Conduit, Other Rigid Profiles. Data Sheet
  SG66Z 65-67 Transparent Sheet, Electrical Taper, Artificial Leather, other flexible films & sheets. Furniture & automotive trim, Flexible Hose, Electrical Wire and cables, stretch film, other rigid & soft profiles. Toy, other rigid & flexible products. Data Sheet
  SG580 57-59 Floor Tile, transparent sheet, credit card other rigid sheet, bottle, blown film, IC tube, furniture trim, rigid foam sheet, other rigid film, screw driver handle. Data Sheet
  SG610 60-62 Christmas tree, transparent sheet, other rigid and soft sheet, shrink wrap, shrink label, other rigid, semi rigid sheet, other soft profiles, electrical plug and shoe. Data Sheet
  SG710 70-72 Inflatable toy, electrical taper, artificial leather, other flexible films and sheets, Furniture trim, other wire and cable, flexible hose, other soft profile & toy. Data Sheet
  PG680 66-70 Artificial leather, PVC flooring, use for coating yarn, metal coating, crown closure. Data Sheet
  PG740 71.5-75.5 Artificial leather, PVC Canvas, coating yarn, Mesh coating, fabric coating, gloves, PVC Flooring, auto sealants, metal coating, printing ink, crown closures. Data Sheet
Poly Vinyl Choride (PVC)
Raw Materials
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